Monthly Archives: February 2014

The Auto-Gratuity “Tip” Sheet

On January 1, 2014, the IRS began enforcing the auto-gratuity taxation rule announced in 2012, which will make restaurant owners susceptible to audits on gratuity practices. We’re thankful for our friends at the Restaurant Association of Metropolitan Washington for providing this helpful guide. Please contact your tax and payroll providers to make sure your restaurant… Read more »

DVPG & Performance Foodservice partner for the DVPG Metro Market

PFG/AFI is DVPG Metro Primary Broadline Foodservice Distributor All DVPG Deviated Pricing Programs will be available exclusively through PFG/AFI in the DVPG Metro Market. In order to ensure that you benefit from DVPG Metro pricing programs and earn all DVPG rebates, you will need to purchase these items from PFG/AFI. Exclusive DVPG Metro Member Drop… Read more »

Passaic County Kids Sweep 2014 New Jersey Prostart Awards

Culinary And Management Winners Advance To Finals And Awarded College Scholarships TRENTON, New Jersey – An appetizer of pan-seared sea scallops on a citrus-dressing salad, stuffed pork tenderloin entrée and a triple berry mouse wedged in-between thin, toasted coconut chocolate as dessert won the 2014 New Jersey ProStart Culinary first place award this week in… Read more »

Lavender Truffles

For Valentine’s Day, NJRA Member Marilyn Schlossbach shares with us her favorite recipe to make for your other half: Lavender Truffles! Marilyn Schlossbach is a member of the NJRA since 2003. Marilyn owns great restaurants for every taste: Langosta Lounge, Dauphin Grille, Labrador Lounge, Pop’s Garage and Libby’s Beach Shack. She is also the owner… Read more »