Monthly Archives: January 2016

Restaurant Chargebacks & EMV

Now that the fraud liability shift has moved to merchants, Heartland Payments Systems’ customers are seeing an increase in chargebacks in the restaurant space. There are very specific rules to be followed for processing these cards to avoid chargeback liability. Many restaurant POS companies do not have a method (EMV) to process these cards which… Read more »

Back to the Future

By Marilou Halvorsen, NJRHA President A day rarely passes when I’m not queried about where the restaurant industry is headed. I jokingly think, “I’m not a psychic,” but I’m certain about one fact: technology and legislation are playing a serious role in how quickly our industry is changing and what it might resemble in the… Read more »

Restaurant Trends in the New Jersey and New York Markets: The New Realities of the Decreasing Tip Credit

Lay of the Land To tip or not to tip? The restaurant industry is reaching a tipping point on resolving this “road not taken” issue. Two related social movements are converging to bring about significant changes—the so-called “Living Wage” impositions and the increasing imbalance between tipped and non-tipped employees. Considering that restaurants operate on extremely… Read more »