Chef Scott Engle of Mercer County Technical Schools Named 2017 Educator of the Year

TRENTON, NJ – Chef Scott Engle of Mercer County Technical Schools was selected as the New Jersey Educational Foundation’s 2017 “Educator of the Year”. The 20-year teaching veteran with great dedication and creativity in teaching the ProStart curriculum, will represent the Garden State at the National Educational Excellence Awards in Chicago this May.

Chef Engle partnered with the U.S. Army to teach his students about quick thinking and how to work under pressure. With the help of the Army, students were challenged to make a 3-course meal using only MRE products and heat sources.  An MRE is short for “Meal Ready to Eat”. It is a 2,000-calorie food ration for soldiers who are in combat or do not have access to dining facilities.

“Without dedicated teachers like Scott, our program wouldn’t be successful. The time and commitment Scott gives to the ProStart program and his students is why the demand for the curriculum at Mercer County Vo-Tech has grown so much,” said Marilou Halvorsen, president of the New Jersey Restaurant & Hospitality Association.

ProStart National Educator of Excellence Awards recognize, reward, and promote educators who demonstrate excellence in the classroom with passion, commitment, and creativity in all aspects of the
ProStart program. Awardees receive a trip to the 2017 Educator of Excellence Awards (EEA) in Chicago, where they will be honored at the EEA Awards Dinner on May 18th. They will participate in special educator programming, including a Walking Tour of Chicago restaurants, and attend the National Restaurant Association Food Show.

“As a ProStart educator, my job is simple. To help my students not only learn new skills, but also enhance their confidence in the kitchen and in life,” said Scott Engle when asked about the role of a ProStart teacher.

The ProStart Program is nationwide, and continuously growing in New Jersey.  There are currently 18 schools involved in the program that represent 12 counties.