Capitol Watch

“Day Without Immigrants” Press Statement

Members of the New Jersey Restaurant & Hospitality Association are thankful for the generations of immigrant families who’ve brought the best of their traditions and cultures to our family table. This week, many of our first-generation American employees may plan on participating in a day of political action to express their personal views on recent… Read more »

October 2016 Legislative Update

by Marilou Halvorsen, President With all eyes on the presidential election, it is easy to forget what is happening in New Jersey. I wanted to give you an overview of where we stand legislatively. Minimum Wage: Last month, Governor Christie vetoed the minimum wage legislation causing a quick move towards drafting the language for a… Read more »

July 2016 Legislative Update

Dear NJRHA Partner and Member: As many of you are aware, the legislative climate in New Jersey over the past few months has presented businesses with some unprecedented challenges. Part of The Association’s mission and promise to our valued members is to advocate on your behalf to make business owning and operating as seamless as… Read more »

Latest Update From The Association

By Marilou Halvorsen, NJRHA President   SCHEDULING NIGHTMARE: Assembly Bill-1117, recently introduced by Assemblywoman Lampitt, requires employers to provide in writing that there is a “bona fide business reason” for denying certain employee requests to change/adjust their work schedule or there could be financial and legal penalties. This legislation mandates employers pay retail, food service… Read more »

Restaurant Trends in the New Jersey and New York Markets: The New Realities of the Decreasing Tip Credit

Lay of the Land To tip or not to tip? The restaurant industry is reaching a tipping point on resolving this “road not taken” issue. Two related social movements are converging to bring about significant changes—the so-called “Living Wage” impositions and the increasing imbalance between tipped and non-tipped employees. Considering that restaurants operate on extremely… Read more »

2015 Legislative Recap

Over the last year, the NJRHA team, legislative committee, and our contract lobbyist PPAG have worked on many mandates and legislation that would impact our industry. Paid Sick Leave While the New Jersey legislature works on passing a state wide bill, 14 municipalities have introduced and passed local ordinances to force employers to provide to… Read more »

If you’re not at the table, you’re on the plate!

NJRHA LEGISLATIVE UPDATE A4125 – Paid Sick Leave: This has now gone through two committees and will be voted on before the Assembly. So far there has not been anything introduced in the Senate but we do expect something to happen shortly. We have been very active and implemented a grass roots campaign, “Please Trenton, Not… Read more »

Six NJ Business Associations File Complaint to Invalidate Trenton Mandatory Paid Sick Leave Ordinance

The New Jersey Business & Industry Association, New Jersey State Chamber of Commerce, New Jersey Food Council, New Jersey Restaurant Association, New Jersey Retail Merchants Association and National Federation of Independent Businesses today filed a complaint to overturn the Trenton ordinance providing for mandatory paid sick leave. The ordinance was approved by Trenton voters in… Read more »

Tips vs. Service Charges

What are they and how are they reported? Here is interesting information provided by two NJ Tax Attorneys: February 11, 2015
 Note: The information contained in this presentation is current as of the date it was presented. It should not be considered official guidance. Awareness and Knowledge Gaps Improve tip reporting compliance by the employer… Read more »

Major Changes in Affordable Health Care Act to Happen

AFFORDABLE HEALTH CARE UPDATE In the next few months, there will be some major changes in the AHCA. We will try to keep you as updated as possible. Previously, the Departments of Labor, Health and Human Services, and the Treasury explained that HRAs and employer payment plans cannot reimburse individual policies. On November 6, 2014,… Read more »