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Tip sharing in restaurants: What does that really mean?

Op-ed by NJRHA President Marilou Halvorsen for ROI-NJ. Read the original op-ed here. The recent ROI-NJ editorial, “Why tip sharing really is tip stealing,” paints the restaurant and hospitality industry as a conglomerate of unscrupulous business owners. The editorial is factually incorrect and prejudicial to the industry. On the contrary, we are an industry of… Read more »

A New Year Brings Hope but Also Concern

By Marilou Halvorsen, NJRHA President The beginning of every new year brings hope and promise. Resolutions are made, diets are started, and commitments to ourselves and others are promised. It is a time to reflect on the previous year and what lessons can be learned. This year, New Jersey has a new Governor and new… Read more »

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